If it is not good enough for our home, it will DEFINITELY NOT be installed in your home.“

Meet our family of staff:

Gina Fontillas Lyons (General Manager)

Blessings and thank you for visiting us.

Gina Fontillas Lyons, I say, is almost a real local.

More than half of my life has been spent enjoying living here in our beautiful county of Santa Cruz.

I believe that “There’s no such thing as Strangers—Only FRIENDS We Have Yet To Meet.”

We appreciate you and your business with us.

Come on in!

We would love to work with you and brainstorm with you about your projects.

Together, let’s achieve the best possible outcome of your investments to enjoy.

Lyons Marble & Granite was founded with the aim to do the best possible outcome for you.

Whether your project is a small tile, a simple cut or your entire house, or maybe you just have a question regarding your project, feel free to call.

We look forward to hearing from you and will be delighted to assist you.

It is our desire to afford you:

  • Utmost Beauty
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Peace of mind
  • We would love to talk to you and look forward to working with you soon.

    God Bless!

    Jerry Lyons ( Master Fabricator-Installer Manager)

    Thank you for visiting us!

    Jerry Lyons, a real  Santa Cruz’n. Born right here in our beautiful county – Santa Cruz.

    It is my desire and my philosophy to treat you, my client, as my employer.

    I will do anything I can, to do the best job possible for you. I love what I do. That is why I have been in this trade for over 25 years.

    It is with great pride to share with you my experience as a fabricator and installer of natural stone, green products and quartz surfaces.

    I am also the first Certified Fabricator – Installer of Recycled Materials such as Vetrazzo and IceStone in Santa Cruz County.

    Other Certifications:

    Certified Fabricator – Installer of Engineered Stones:

    I stay current with new technologies through training and certification in this trade.

    In my early years in this trade, I have worked in different capacities. Most of my skills were acquired through self-training as well as many years of gained experience and skills in this trade.

    Married with my dream of sharing my craftsmanship and expertise in this trade, it is my goal to provide you great craftsmanship to achieve that ultimate satisfaction, peace of mind and down right beauty.

    I am an active Licensed Contractor in the State of California.

    I look forward to talking to you and working with you soon.

    Meet our Family/Staff:
    (Staff and Years of service with Lyons and Experience)

    Office Assistant: Stacey L. Childers   ~ over 11 years

    Office Assistant : Mari Elena Salinas ~ over 8 years

    Shop Foreman:

    Main Cutter: Fernando Fernandez ~ Over 13 years

    Shop Fabricators:

    Fernando Fernandez ~ Over 13 years

    Jose Avalos – Over 9 years experience

    Martin Flores-Robles ~ Over 10 years

    Tony Rodriguez – Over 10 years of experience

    Rudy Garcia – Journeyman

    Maintenance Crew:

    Christian Torres

    From time to time, you will also meet our younger angels in training.

    Our grandson, Anthony Chance aka Batman and some of our Staff’s angels, ready to greet you with their angelic smiles.