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We are delighted that you visited us and will be a delight to be of service to you and assist you with your Projects.

Please stop by our Showroom  or feel free to call us for an appointment to discuss your Project and/or for Free Estimate.

Save Time, Gas and Money. As a saying goes "Kill Two Birds At The Same Time", here are few pointers to remember prior to your visit with us:

    Do a rough sketch of your Project or Projects. Include measurements.  Measure the Length and the Width. Write down measurements in "inches".

Don't worry about being too exact. This measuement will be used for Estimate Purposes only. An actual measurements will be obtained at time of Template.

If you have drawings of your Projects with measurements, it would be a great idea to bring it with you at your visit with us.

If you however, prefer for us to come and look at your Project,  we would be more than glad to.

    For peace of mind and to make sure the color you choose is "The Perfect Color" for your Project, feel free to take with you samples of your color schemes. If you have Tiles or Carpet or Paint samples.

For New Cabinetry: Bring a sample of the finished cabinet.  Bring with you a drawer or a door to make sure that the color you choose is "The Perfect Color" for "The Perfect Project".

Feel free to also bring with you materials that will be used if you are replacing Floorings, Paints, etc.

   We will be more than glad to assist you with edging selection, perfect for your style.
   We have a variety of edging samples to loan.
Before you leave, please feel free to ask us for samples to loan so that you can visualize how a certain edging style would look in your home. 

    For Projects requiring new appliances, please make sure that the appliances are at the Jobsite at time of Template.  Appliances do not need to be installed. It would be use to double check measurements.
   This will be a great time to talk to Mr. Lyons for any ideas you have or any changes to the Job Specifications.
~   SINKS: We will take the sink back with us to our Fabrication shop to ensure that all dimensions are perfect prior to cutting. 

For extra support especially during travel and handling of your finished Project, we install extra rodding to the sink area for protection. This service is provided for you, FREE of charge.

   You are more than welcome to visit our Shop during the lay-out process prior to cutting your selected stone. 

Be rest assured, Mr. Lyons and our Shop Foreman, will be there to work with you on deciding the best lay-out for that perfect outcome and for the maximize use of your selected stone.

   Some materials are harder to work with than others.
   LYONS MARBLE aims to make sure that you get to enjoy the beauty of your investment the best time possible.  That means, for you to have full use of your Kitchen, Vanity, Fireplace, Tub, Shower, etc. , as soon as possible.
  From the day of Template (where we come out and do the final measurement)- the turn-around is about 15 working days. Sometimes it may be sooner than that.

If your Project has shorter Backsplash: we may be able to install your entire Project the day of install.

If your Project has Full Height Backsplash:
We will measure your backsplash after the main countertops are installed, for accuracy of height and dimension.

The backsplash will then be fabricated at our Shop and then we will need to come back to install the backsplash within a day or two.

For Vanity (depending on size) from 5 working days to 10 days max. Again, it may be sooner than that.

For other smaller Projects, around 5 working days or less.

    To make sure everything is plum and fit perfectly, we will drill your faucets holes after we install your Project at your home.  A dust suction/dust vacuum will be used while we drill the faucet holes.

    If your Project requires sealing, Lyons Marble will seal your Project for you, FREE OF CHARGE.

    If you don't feel like Superman or Wonderwoman of the Day, Lyons Marble will do the Wonders for you. Just ask us to include the service in your Estimate.
     The following are included when you request a Tear-out Service:
   a)Demolish existing Kitchen/Vanity/Fireplace/Tiles
   b)Haul demolished Kitchen/Vanity/Fireplace/Tiles
   c)Haul old appliances when requested.
   d)Vacuum and Clean work area.
   e)Haul other debris.
   f)Dump run.

A plastic divider will be in place from ceiling to floor in the area being worked on so as to contain any mess, dust and particles only in the area being worked on and not the other areas of your  house.

~   SUB-TOP: (which is the plywood underneath to support the Stone)
    If sub-top is needed and you would like for us to install, please feel free to ask us to add the service in your Estimate.
   Subtop includes Subtop material and subtop installation.

    If there are remnants or materials left, we will provide two (2) TRIVETS for you to enjoy, FREE OF CHARGE.
   Please feel free to ask us, anytime.

We look forward to working with you.

Have A Great Day!!!

   Lyons Marble and Staff    
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