Helpful Tips in Preparation for your Projects


Do a rough sketch of your  Projects.

  • Include Measurements
  • Measure the Length and the Width.

If dimension provided is plus or minus a few inches,  it is just fine.  These measurements will be used for bid purposes only.  An actual measurement will be obtained at time of Template.

If you have drawings of your Projects with measurements, it would be a great idea to bring it with you at the time of visit with us. You can either make a drawing of your Projects with dimensions or drawing, or if you are replacing your cabinets, bring your cabinet dimensions provided by your Cabinet Maker.

Please feel free to call our Office for an appointment.



  • To make sure the color you choose is “The Perfect Color” for your Project,  when available, bring with you samples of your color schemes. Sample of Tiles or Carpet or Paint samples.

When replacing Cabinets:

  • Bring a sample of the finished cabinet. Your cabinet maker maybe able to provide this for you.
  • Bring with you a drawer or a door.
  • Bring with you materials that will be used if you are replacing Flooring, Paints, etc.


We have various edging styles. We can assist you with the perfect style for you.
We have a variety of edging samples to look at and can be loaned to you.


For Projects requiring new appliances, please make sure that the appliances are at the Job-site at time of Template. Appliances may not need to be installed.  They will be used to double check measurements.

This will be a great time to talk to Jerry Lyons or to one of our experienced staff, for any ideas you may have or any changes to the Job Specifications.

More Helpful Tips

Granite Project 101 – Here are helpful tips for you to know and let you know of the process.


UNDERMOUNT SINK: When you are doing Undermount or Undercounter Sink, and you already have the sink and you soon realize the sink is missing at time of template, Don’t panic!  The sink is in great hands with us.  We will let you know ahead of time  before we take your sink with us to our Fabrication shop to use for accurate sink cut.  :-)

If your sink is not available at that time, just bring it by our Showroom as soon as you have them.

For extra support especially during travel and handling of your finished Project, we install extra reinforcement around the sink area, for protection.

TOPMOUNT SINK: At time of install, your TOPMOUNT SINK will be cut at the job site. Please make sure your Topmount Sink is available at time of install.

FARM SINK: When using Farm Sink, please make sure that the Farm Sink is installed in place prior to Template.

  • Your opinions and ideas especially mean a lot to us.
  • We strive to provide the best for you.
  • So please feel free to share with us your ideas about the project at any time.

Prior to cutting your stone and after we have templated your project, we strongly suggest that you call us right away when you have any changes or new ideas about your project before we start the fabrication process.

Rest assured, that our experienced staff will do the best possible lay-out of your Project for that perfect outcome and to maximize use of your selected stone.


Some materials take more time to work on than others.

LYONS MARBLE aims to make sure that you get to enjoy the beauty of your investment as soon as you can.

We would love for you to have full use of your Kitchen, Vanity, Fireplace, Tub, Shower, etc., the soonest time possible.


From the day of Template (where we come out and do the final measurement)

  • For Average Kitchen: 7 to 10 business days. Maybe sooner.
  • For Vanities: 3 – 5 business days. Maybe sooner.
  • For other smaller Projects: 1 – 3 business days. Maybe sooner.

If your project has shorter backsplash: we may be able to install your entire project the day of install.

If your project has full height backsplash:

  • For accuracy of dimension and height, we will measure your backsplash after the main countertops are installed.

Your backsplash will be fabricated at our Shop and we will be back to install the backsplash preferrably the next day.

Most of the time, we may be able to install the Projects on the very same day.


Turn-around time: 1 to 3 days. Maybe sooner depending on the number of tiles.

FAUCET HOLES: To make sure everything is plumbed and fits perfectly,  most of the time,  the faucet holes will be drilled in place after the countertop is installed.

Please make sure to discuss with your Plumber where you want faucet holes to be drilled and or how many holes you need and let us know at time of installation. We will drill them for you after installation.

Please also make that your faucet  is readily available. Please marked where you would like holes drilled especially if you or your Plumber are not able to be present at time of install.

SEALING: If your Project requires sealing, please do not hesitate to inquire about our SEALING SERVICES.

Regular sealer . Every 1 to 5 years. Depending on material porousness.

Sealer with warranty.  Good for 10 years.

TEAR-OUT: If you don’t feel like Superman or Wonder woman of the Day or even a week, Lyons Marble will do the Wonders for you. Just ask us to include the service in your Estimate.

The following are included when you request a Tear-out Service:

  • Demolish existing Kitchen/Vanity/Fireplace/Tiles
  • Haul demolished Kitchen/Vanity/Fireplace/Tiles
  • Haul old appliances when requested.
  • Vacuum and Clean work area.
  • Haul other debris.
  • Dump run.

A plastic sheet/divider will be in place , when necessary, from ceiling to floor in the area being worked on so as to contain any mess, dust and particles only in the area being worked on.

SUB-TOP: (the plywood underneath the stone for support)

If sub-top is needed and you would like for us to install it, please feel free to add the service in your Estimate.

  • Sub-top includes Sub-top material, labor and sub-top installation.